In December 2015, the Black Community Action Network of Peel launched its position paper – Pathways and Prevention of Africa-Canadian Disproportionalities and Disparities in the Child Welfare System. Within this paper we offered ten recommendations to develop a ‘framework of rigorous monitoring and accountability’ to address the ongoing issues affecting the African-Canadian community; especially our youth. In continuing the ongoing conversation on transforming our systems while strengthening our community and our youth, BCAN put together a collaborative lunch where we were able to discuss how far we’ve come within the year since the launch of our position paper, while also looking at the ‘next steps’ that we will take together! This conversation was enriched by a number of our community organizations and included appearances from the following: Kike Ojo- One Vision One Voice, Sharon Douglas – FACES Report, Chief Jennifer Evan – PRP, Rav Bains- CAS-Peel, Peel District School Board – We Rise Together Report, Chair Amrik Ahluwalia- PPSB, Dr. Julian Hasford-BCANPeel enriched by an number of our community organizations.